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Cosmetic Dentistry & Dental

Cosmetic Dentistry

Rathgar Dental Clinic are specialists in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

Cosmetic Dentistry can greatly improve the look of your teeth and overall smile. If you dislike your smile or hate showing your teeth then there are a range of cosmetic dental solutions that will help you achieve your dream smile. How we fell about our smiles can have a massive impact on our confidence and self-esteem.

During the initial consultation, your dentists will thoroughly examine the health and look of your teeth and listen to your concerns. Together, we’ll decide on the appropriate treatment for you and a plan will be put in place.

Nowadays, there are many cosmetic dentistry options to create a brighter, whiter smile.

Cosmetic Bonding
Invaslign Clear Braces
Dental Implants
Removable Dentures
Teeth Whitening
Dental Bonding
cosmetic dentistry

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Not only can missing teeth damage your confidence and self-esteem, but it can also affect the way you chew and your bite causing problems with your jaws. 

Dental implants are the closet alternative to natural teeth and provide a long-term solution. Dental implants are fixed in place, can last a lifetime and look more aesthetically pleasing than dentures. There are no restrictions on the kinds of food you can eat and are easy to keep clean, as you brush them just like real teeth.

An implant is used to replace the root of the missing tooth or teeth. The implant is placed into the jaw bone and once this heals, a post is attached to the implant using a screw. A crown is then screwed or cemented tot his post. The crown can be made of either metal or porcelain and is made to replicate the shape and colour of a natural tooth.


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